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Here at FPL, we strive to give clear and direct legal advice designed to give you guidance and map out an accurate course of action specifically for you. We specialise in several different areas of Law meaning that we are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your legal needs. Our passion for the letter of the Law is what drives us every day to offer the best service possible to all our clients.


Here at FPL we strive to give clear and direct consultation designed to give you guidance and map out an accurate course of action specifically for you. We specialise in several different areas of Law meaning that we are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your legal needs. Our passion for the letter of the Law is what drives us every day to offer the best service possible to all our clients.


Oftentimes, many businesses, organisations and people find themselves in legal trouble, not because of meaning action but simply lack of knowledge; and it is a great passion of FPLs to attack this head on.

Consequently, unlike other Law Firms, we are unique in the sense that we have created a specialist training program that can be tailored made for all. At FPL, we offer several types of training, from legal seminars to talks to senior leadership to even teambuilding or even law-focused inspirational presentations for individuals and corporations. We can equip you with the tools you need to effectively lead your company, organisation, law firm or even your own life with the law on your side.

We endeavour to make an indelible mark everyway that we go, and you can be rest assured that you and your business will not be the same after you experience one of our training packages. We specialise in empowering your business with life changing nuggets that will keep you and all your business dealings on the right side of the law while opening your mind/minds up to new concepts, possibilities, and opportunities waiting to be unlocked.

For more information, please about our training packages please do not hesitate to contact us


- Tourist Visitor visa

- Marriage Visitor visa

- Business Visitor Visa

- Family Visitor visa

- Private Health care visa


- Fiancé/ Fiancée Visa

- Spouse/civil partnership Visa

- Children

- Unmarried partner

- Adult dependent relative


- Skilled worker visa

- Temporary worker visa

- Religious worker

- Minister of Religion visa

- Graduate Visa

Global Specialist visa

- Senior Specialist Visa

- UK Expansion Worker Visa

- Graduate Trainee Visa

- Service Supplier Visa

- Secondment Worker

Study visas

- Student Visa

- Child student Visa

- Study English in the UK (Short -term Study Visa)

Business visa

- Sponsorship

- Innovator visa

- Start-up visa

- Exceptional Visa

Other areas of Migration

- Asylum

- Fresh Claim

- Human Rights Family and Private life

- Compassionate leave

- Deportation

- Removal


- Immigration appeal

- Administrative review

- Bail hearings

Welcome To Flashpoint Legal

Flashpoint legal is a leading firm that is dedicated to the welfare of all its clients. We strive for a truly excellent service donʼt rest until every client is satisfied.

- Flashpoint Legal

Why choose us

We are more than law firm, we are an advocate for the individual or for the small business. Our consultants offer training of the areas of law that are needed. We go to the people such as churches, mosques, temples, community meetings. We are flexible in our hours. Not everyone can attend offices 9-5 we come to you.

We introduce areas of law which affect these communities but are not being utilized such as private client matters. We bring back level of trust in areas were lawyers have abuse such as immigration law. We work with companies to avoid legal problem such has employment law training and ensuring that they comply with changes in regulations i.e. GDPR


We at FPL strive to excel in everything, in faith in our work, in our communication and in our knowledge of the law. We at FPL endeavour to improve the quality of what we have to offer.


We at FPL are committed to working for each client. We fight for each client we work with clients to the end so that they finish their race. We are committed to getting the outcome that our clients desire.


We at FPL have learned success comes as by product of hard work, and it’s our moral value, we strive to render great service to our clients. We have passion for our clients and to assist them in achieving their goals.

“ Brenda Samuels is an Lawyer, Advocate and Trainer. A qualified solicitor of 15 years.”

Brenda Samuels


Brenda Samuels

Ms. Samuels has worked in the Legal industry for over 18 years, specializing in Immigration, Employment and Education law. Ms. Samuels also has working knowledge of Family Law, Private Client, Company and Property Law. She attends various tribunals on her clientʼs behalf.

She also trains both lawyers and co-operations. Recently, she started hosting seminars for lay persons which is growing in appeal. Ms. Samuels is passionate about assisting her clients to get the best outcome for them. Her reputation precedes her with many returning clients and referrals. It is fair to say that her success rate exceeds 95 percent.!

Our Values

Our culture nurtures and strives to achieve innovation, creativity legal expertise.

  1. To give our best at
    all times

  2. To be affordable and able to
    accommodate all our clients

  3. To always be
    friendly and professional

  4. To be considerate
    to all

  5. To have a passion for
    what we do

What Client's Say?
To Whom it May concern,
Brenda represented Ade today in court for his right to remain in the UK.

Brenda was calm, communicated clearly with the judge, clerk witnesses and Home Office. Especially when they mentioned that they had not received the relevant document (an issue with their system which the Judge explained), Brenda calmly looked for different route to get the documents across. In addition she confirmed with the home office whether they had submitted information in May 2021 that was relevant to the case and when it was discovered that it was not, she explained that this needed to be provided with any other piece of information demonstrating her thorough nature of ensuring all evidence was included.

Her questions were well thought out and where re-examination was required she did so to ensure that the reasoning remained on track with our appeal against the Home Office's judgement.

Finally, in the final submission she clearly went through each rebuttal of the Home Office points, providing clear evidence against their judgement according to the law, defining the terms clearly and fully.

She was polite and respectful to all the witnesses, ensuring they were at ease and could represent their witness statements wholeheartedly by making sure that instructions were clearly communicated.

From Oluremi